11 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

Someone who wants to relocate often wishes to sell the home to buy one in another city or use the money for any purposes. Well, selling home faster seems like a dream to many. However, by implementing the right strategies, it is possible to get the expected money and complete the deal happily.

Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home

Let’s see what these tricks are that may speed up the selling process-

Step 1: Depersonalize The Home

Imagine yourself as a buyer and then observe the place. Make a list of which things would look appealing to you while buying a house and which would be a turn-off. Apply the same idea on your home and have a thorough clean for your home. 

Cleaning your home includes making it look like it is on sale. You can do that by cleaning your own clutter, do the gutters, backyard, and remove all your belongings. Make it an empty “on sale” house so the buyer can use his imagination and can feel it as their home-to-be.

Step 2: Living Room Renovation

Renovating the living room as well would be a wise thing to do. The living room is the first thing that grabs the attention and so it should be the center of the attraction. A buyer at the very first place wishes to have a look at the living room. A living room can make or break an entire deal. 

For renovating the room, first, observe the things that need to be fixed. Determine if any wood pieces need maintenance such as the furniture. By using the right home renovation tools and saws, you can complete the job within the right time and way.

If you have woodworking skills, make use of the right saw that provides you the wood with the right shape and size, and repair the old furniture. Use sandpaper and make every edge feel smooth and use wood paint for finishing.

Upgrade it with some kind of living room plants that work as an air purifier and charm too such as Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, silver dollar plant, jade plant, and more. Change those curtains or paint the walls and make sure every aspect of the living room matches well.

Step 3: Renovate Your Bathroom

When a buyer checks the insights of a home, it includes the bathroom as well. A bathroom has a significant place in a home-like room and that is why it should be up to the point. Ultimately, they want a home where a bathroom looks perfect too, and for that, you need to renovate this space as well. 

Whether it is a leaky faucet, a malfunctioning plumbing, an old toilet, or anything else, everything needs to be working and in order. If it is the toilet that you haven’t replaced in years, then it is the time. Don’t make your buyers see the same pot you have been using all these years. Install a new toilet system that is technologically advanced and appealing as well.

Step 4: Kitchen Renovation Is Important

Remodeling a kitchen is important too when you want to sell your house fast. After the living room, it is the second place where a buyer visits. Check the cupboards, cabinets, overall furniture, broken windows frames, doors, and such things. Make use of your joinery skills, pick up the saws and home renovation tools and do the fixing.

A miter saw along with the jigsaw would come helpful to slice the wood logs and present them with the shape needed. Make sure you have the needed setup for the miter saw so you can do the job effectively. Similarly, put some extra drawers if there is some space, upgrade the lightings, chimney, and other convenience factors because that is what the buyer would appreciate you for.

Step 5: Get A Home Inspection Done

It is always a good idea to have your home inspected. During the home inspection, the inspector checks for all possible flaws that should be fixed. Inspected homes can actually increase the overall resale value of a home, and you won’t be embarrassed in front of the buyer for non-working utilities, plumbing, HVAC system, jammed doors, and other such factors.

A buyer can always ask you if your home is inspected or not and demand the report. That is why it is always wise to keep it ready beforehand, so you can provide the buyer with peace of mind. However, you should always be mindful while hiring the inspector as he should possess the required experience and needed certifications.

Step 6: Let There Be Light

People love buying a home having enough natural light sources. This benefits in many ways such as saving dollars on the energy bills, getting you sunshine, and making overall aura fantastic for a nature lover. Hence, make those windows shine like a crystal and fold all the drapes to let the light come in, especially when the buyers are home.

Step 7: Photograph Your Home Rightly

This is the very first and most important aspect that every home seller should take note of. The buyer is going to have a glance at the photographs that you upload on specific real estate websites. 

Only appealing photos make the buyers open the posts and proceed further. Hence, hiring a professional photographer to get the portfolio of your home would be a wise idea. You may think of it as an added expenditure, but it is actually an investment that can boost the selling process.

Step 8: Make It Available As Per The Buyer’s Convenience

See, there is a lot more competition when it comes to selling the home. In this case, you can’t take even a single risk, and so, you need to be available as per the time asked by the buyer. You can always take the help of a real estate agent who shows on your behalf and let the buyer gets enlightened about the aspects of your home.

Mostly buyers attend in the evenings and the weekends, make sure you avail the time else a great deal can slip off your hands.


Always pay attention to your own safety as well. Allow pre-approved buyers only to check out your home and make sure you have all their details in written form. You won’t want an intruder to know the valuables of your home! 

Maintain enough transparency between the home and the buyer so he feels a sense of satisfaction and it should not sound like you are trying to hide something. Be clear about things that you think the buyer should know beforehand, so there won’t be any circumstances.

These are some of the great tips that we hope you would bring in use while putting your house on sale.

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