What Can You do With a Tile Saw for Home Renovation?

A tile saw or wet saw as you understand by the name is used to cut the tiles. It can be added as an extension to the miter saw, and hence, it comes in use for various home renovation projects. Whenever, you want to upgrade the tile floor in your bathroom, kitchen, or any area, a tile saw always comes mandatory.

7 inch wet tile saw

Let’s know more about Tile saw And how it works-

A wet saw uses the concept of water while cutting, that is why it is called a wet saw. The saw uses the water for two purposes: retaining the sharpness of the blade and reduce the burning and dust issues, and hence cuts the tile safely.

The saw can be used to make straight as well as angular cuts. Once you mark the tile as per the cut you want to achieve, you need to slowly make it through the saw while being gentle and using both of your hands, and you get the perfect results. Do not go to apply too much or too little pressure as both would affect the performance and results.

A wet tile saw also reduces the friction while cutting as the water pump regularly serves until you power off the blade. A tile saw is used specifically for tile cutting as any other saws are not capable of cutting the tile since they are fragile for the task. 

Another concept that is used a wet saw is the diamond-coated blades that are capable of cutting materials like concrete, masonry, and tiles of course.

If you have been using a tile saw for a while, make sure the blades are sharp enough so you receive the right kind of productivity to speed up your renovation project. 

Tip: Explore different patterns of tiles as per the room you are going to do the flooring in and choose the one that looks the best.

The Motorized Wet Saw

One should always go for a motorized wet saw as a manual saw does not feel enduring for long. Plus, as you go with advanced tile cutting projects, a manual saw makes the tasks difficult and slow you down.  

With a motorized saw, you just need to place it right just like a miter saw and it stays stable there, no need to move the blade anywhere, it is just the tile that moves along.

The wet saw recycles the water as well; the water that goes around gets collected into the reservoir to be used again. So, a tile saw is both time-saving and water-saving approach.

However, as the water gets recycled regularly, and the continuous tile cutting process makes the pond dirty. It should be cleaned once in a while so nothing clogs up and you can keep up with the cutting sessions. 

The saw comes with the measurement facility as well where the carriage that carries the tile back and forth can be adjusted as per the size of the tile so you do not create any slippage.

Wet Saw For Kitchen Renovation

A tile saw is often used for kitchen renovation projects whether it is about the flooring, using chips on the wall, or replacing that kitchen counter. Whenever it is about adding up tiles on the surface, a tile saw comes mandatory. 

You can have the shape and size of the tiles as you want such as rectangle, square, or diagonal. All you need to do is use the miter guide and adjust the scale so the tile fits in accordingly.

Wet Or Tile Saw For Bathroom Renovation

Our bathrooms need a shiny appearance too, and replacing the tiles is always a great idea. Or if it is your first time with the tile flooring, the idea is always great. Every time, it is a tile saw that makes the cutting possible and lets you have the right dimensions of the tiles. Add up the chips on the floor or the sidewalls and make your bathroom look great.

Wet Saw For Overall Home Renovation

Many times, home renovation projects include improving the flooring where you need to replace some tiles with the new ones. The old tiles can lose their shape or get cracked over time, and thus for the overall, home flooring, a tile saw is always needed. The straight cuts, diagonal, or inner cuts, a tile saw does it all.

You should always be careful about buying a quality saw as it should not be a cheap one. Cheap ones usually do not serve you for longer, and hence they are simply not worth your money.

The Epilogue

A tile saw is a worthy tool that anyone considering tile replacing in-home should go for. Doing the DIY saves you hundreds of dollars that would be spent on the labor. 

However, only choose the DIY if you are experienced with using saws and other kinds of home renovation tools.

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